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The Muse

July 21, 2004

Raksha Bandhan

Guys, are you prepared for next month? One of the most important and landmark festivals of India is around the corner. What----no, no not Independence Day, and no I'm not talking about Janmashtami or Nag Panchami or Ganesh Chaturthi -

I'm referring to the day when we celebrate the joy of having sisters - when we hail the "pavitra" bandhan of Raksha Bandhan.

There are numerous references to this festival and a lot of stories that trace the origin of this festival.

As we are starting to celebrate Lovers Day, Friendship Day, Girlfriend Day, Ex-girlfriend Day, Neighbors Day, Animals Day, Hand Day, Hair Day, Bad Hair Day etc, we have slowly started to let these phirang foreign customs affect our traditional festivals too.So let us talk about the modern version of Raksha Bandhan that is celebrated in schools, colleges, among neighbors, friends etc.

All over the country, girls who are being "sighted" by guys who they don't like at all wait with bated breath. Boys who are "patoed" by girls who they don't like also wait anxiously [well, that doesn't happen that much, but anyways].

Finally, when the day arrives - it is mayhem, almost akin to the situation when one of Vijaykanths movies release all over the world. The girls chase the boys and the boys chase the girls. And you cannot be absent - that is a sign of weakness. The true stud is one who goes to school or college and returns without a rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan is perhaps the only day when you will be able to see beautiful girls chasing ordinary guys [like you] all around school and college campuses...sometimes they might twirl rakhi's and charge after you like a farmer after his buffalo.

And what is more, you are supposed to give money. I remember, one year, my friend could not lift his hand as it was full of rakhi's from his middle finger right to his collar bone. And he has to cash two hundred rupees into ten's to provide for all his sisters.

Where is the justice I ask you?

Seriously, I detest such behavior. Having a sister is one of the most beautiful things in life, and to just go tie rakhi's left, right and center is disgusting. I strongly suggest that the government declare a national holiday or people use one of the remaining 24 unused days of the year, and create a I-don't-like-you-get-off-my-back day.

And the person tying it should give the money - makes more sense.