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June 30, 2004

A Paris Affair

All of us have been hearing about the 250 crore wedding that was organized by one of the richest Indians in the world - Lakshmi Mittal. The headlines have been about how people looked in "awe" and "gaped" as he rented the Palace in Versailles, dressed his daughter in gold and how Javed Akhtar scripted to Farah Khans' choreography and Shah Rukh's dance blah!blah!blah!....I think its disgraceful that he spent so much money. Of course, its his money and its for his daughter, but jeez...$60 million is just way too much. And I am sure that a lot of the poor and starving farmers and miners will have a lot more than mere blessings to give to him. Why expose his daughter to this wrath, especially on such an occasion....And what business sense does it make? He needs a PR person...fast. Last time when Jaya Amma spent around half that amount in India, her government turned belly-up. And that was for Jaya, Mittal is a mere mortal !!.

The Times of India says, " Though many guests received prime pieces of jewellery, including jade necklaces, along with their 20-page, gold-edged invitation books, some guests complained that they didn't get any such pieces. Apparently, a caste system was at work even when it came to the A-list."...YUCK.

Here's one more like minded person here.

And my friend remarked that with Mittal and Bharat Shah spending money like this, Indians are 1 and 2 in this particular area. No.3? That's the wedding of the King of Spain!!


  • jjsee! i really dont understand.. one part of the world.. ppl are straving very day! not even one square meal per day and in another part u eat more then u want! so what u going to do? ahem?! Stop eating and give them that food? Naa! u are going to enjoi ur starbucks coffee or saravana bhavan idly!

    its the same Ram! jus coz it was a bit( ok a lot) over spent! u jus seem to see it thro a magnifying glass! - if u going to reply to this! defi i will have trouble in getting to this blog again! pls leave a comment in my blog.. hopefully with this link! i mean! iif u wanna counter-say anything for this!- thnks raz

    By Blogger raz, at 11:32 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Ram, at 1:30 PM  

  • You misunderstand my post. It has nothing to do with equality of wealth [your starbucks/idly/stop eating example]. My point was this: he deliberately chose to flaunt his wealth. A lavish wedding is one thing, but hiring bollywood actresses and renting palaces is a deliberate effort to get hype and attention. Have you heard of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet doing anything like this? Have you ever heard of Bill Gates children? Why? Its because the instant you are one of the riches persons in the world, you automatically are under the public eye. You may remember the sharp editorials all across India when the wedding happened - every journalist and editor was rebuking him. No one would have cared if he was not an Indian. My focus was that Mittal could have used this happy occassion to focus on his company, on India, and get the goodwill of people. And that's why I say it was a wrong move on his part - I had no really strong thoughts on how one should share wealth - I agree with the sentiment that he earned it, he spends it. That's all.

    While I appreciate your comments and your opinions, you obviously understand that I have my opinions as you have yours - there is no way people are going to easily agree on topics that they are passionate about. Its your choice to visit or not, feel free to do what makes you feel comfortable.

    By Blogger Ram, at 1:32 PM  

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