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The Muse

July 12, 2004

Gajendra vs. Spiderman

Spider-Man 2 just made around $250 million at the box office...in two weeks. TWO WEEKS? Don't people here have to go to work or something? Anyways,then I read somewhere that with the success of Van Helsing [Kallarai Manithan] and Hellboy [Naraga Manithan], bollywood honchos were thinking on who would be a better Superman [Gujals Manithan?], Shah Rukh or Hrithik.

Hmm, so I got to wondering about down south, why are those powerhouse cinema states not keen on making superhero fiction?. Surely,they have the money and also the market.Then I got it - we already have superheroes.Its just that they don't wear crazy colored costumes.

The latest and most popular superhero is, without a doubt, puratchi thalaivar Vijaykanth. There is no question about it. I saw the trailers being aired on Sun TV and I am positive that his latest and highly aniticipated release - GAJENDRA - is the only serious global contender to Spiderman-2.

Gajendra has everything going for it - superb special effects, fights, stunts, mean villains,fights, two heroines,fights,unique music, fights, punchlines, lots of punches....

Also, did I mention the action? - Puratchi Thalaivar has done an action sequence hanging upside down [I'm sure our script writers have come up with a perfectly logical reason for having everyone hanging upside down in the first place]. Seems they shot for eight days [not continuously, even Gajendra has his limitations], and all the time he had to be on a liquid diet. Talk about commitment!!! The loss in weight shows in the few clips I have seen, he looks like a lean, mean fighting machine. And the realism is much more obvious. I mean, come on, can you really relate to a guy wearing red and blue with sticky stuff coming out of his hands, flying through New York? Now, Gajendra is different. You can imagine and definitely relate to Vijaykanth hanging upside down, kicking three people with his two legs, and taking care of another two with his one hand.Also, you hardly imagine Spiderman dealing with more than two people at the same time..but Gajendra - well, he has an assortment of weapons, all retooled on the lines of instruments of ancient warfare. And let me tell you something mister, if you see somebody who looks like Vijaykanth, carrying something like this -

I'm confident that when this film when hits the theatres, it will reaffirm superhero status to Thalaivar. If you follow Vijaykanth's recent films closely [like I do], you can see that this was his long time strategy. He has dropped hints at various films - we still talk with awe and reverence about his movie called Vanjinathan, where he fights in a supermarket, he slides on a trolley - one legged - superb act of olympian quality gymnastics - and kicks ass.Oooh, I feel an adrenaline rush when I just think of it...


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