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June 30, 2004

Get married? Why?

I was reading this book the other day,and a friend of the main character asks " So, you married?". Our hero replies, " Yeah, I have a girl and my fiancee and I got one in the oven"...so this guy replies " Gotta have kids man, else what's the point?"

Ok, so you realize that my taste in books is not that good but you get the idea...somehow this line stayed with me and I got to thinking...is that really what its about? Having kids...proving to the people and to the society that I have contributed, done my share? As we approach this juncture in our lives, we all have our own reasons...love, family pressure, sex, society, age etc. for either going for it or against it. Is having kids the real reason behind this concept of marriage?

Ok, you love someone, get hitched and have a great life. Every single day is a joy. Fine. But isn't that the ultimate selfishness? You shy away from responsibility and risks. Seventy years down the line, you look back and what do you have? Nada,zilch.

On the other hand, you get married to the wrong person and well,thats the end of that. If by any chance you get to seventy years, and you look back...nothing to be proud of!!

Guess we will find out within the next ten years.

Update: 07/01

Maybe I was not clear, but what I wanted to stress on was not on the reasons FOR marriage, but on the CAUSE for it. A subtle, but I feel significant, factor. When it comes to contributing to society, what do you do? Spending money is easy, but leaving something more worthwhile is difficult - what could be more powerful than leaving a legacy? In my experience, whenever a child succeeds in some way - good marks,awards, whatever - the praise goes to him/her, but one alwyas knows that its the parent who has made it possible. They realize their aims through the child...maybe later on, we will be fortunate enough to experience this. Right now, we can only hope.


  • Getting married is not all about having a kid. Its all about having a persion who, will be your best friend, will be a person who will stay with you till the "End of days". These are more imporatant than having a kid.

    Secondly, even if you have a kid, it is your responsiblity that you nurture your child better than the society you live in. I guess it would be even better (for you and the "society") if you adopt a child, thereby reducing the number of free inter-courses. But thats my opinion.


    By Blogger Balaji J, at 6:33 AM  

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