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The Muse

January 28, 2005

Of browsers and developers

This year has not been a good one - personal losses that are too painful to put down. But life goes on, so let me go to some straight news on Firefox.

Those of you into browsing will surely know about the problems of Internet Explorer, the world's most popular internet browser. Microsoft simply did not pay enough attention to its importance and did not come through with enough updates in time. The result - in a world that is being increasingly paranoid - the Dept of Homeland Secucrity in the US advocated the use of Firefox as its browser to its people.

The result has been astonishing! Till last year, IE had around 90-95% of the browser market. Firefox is now expected to garner a whopping 20% of the market by the end of 2005! Talk about improvement in sales. Now, Firefox is an offshoot of the open source Mozilla Foundation, so there is no new Bill Gates in the making.

But who is behind Firefox? Two main dudes - Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher. Goodger is 24 and somewhat of a cult figure now. Fisher is on his way. Now something I must let you know about is that these two just got a job offer and are now employed by - yes - Google, Inc! So does that mean Google is going to come out with its own browser? Who knows? But, Goodger and Darin continue to be associated with Firefox and will also get a paycheck from Google,Inc. Check out Goodger's blog here.

Also, check out the Oakley Thump here. Its the world's first musical eye ware [yes, that's right no typo]. Its got the state of the art wireless audio stuff attached to their state of the art sunglass, so you end up with a state of the art, super expensive product. Personally, that means everytime I want to listen to music, I need to put my glasses on....