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The Muse

August 29, 2004

First thoughts

Well, its just been one of those couple of weeks. School started so its been meetings, orientations,classes and what nots. Just could not get myself to sit down and write...

Its been a very humbling experience so far. Most of the students in my class are all accomplished individuals, and I'm not just saying that. The profile includes doctors, professors, math teachers, junior high teachers,psychologists and economics majors. Just goes to show how people are starting to pay attention to Educational Technology and its need. Its kinda shaping up as something that you learn to put on top of your skill set, you mould the areas into something that you find useful and apply it.Definitely exciting.

Also makes me realize how much we/I have left to learn. Let's face it, back home you get a degree, get a job at one of the hot software companies and go abroad once a while - that's it. You're THE man...and here in my class, there is a doctor who spent the summer operating in Africa, there's a professor who teaches Mathematics at the university level - all of them are always updating themselves, learning, constantly evolving...Sure, the environment here is geared to be conducive to such developments, but do we have the will? Something to think about...

I also got into my own teaching stint - I'm handling around 50 students. Great fun.

Our whole gang has been talking about my best bud Sanj's upcoming marriage. At least that guy now has some stories to tell his kids! He goes to India for his brothers marriage, and within one week of that, HE gets married!! Nice!

Of course, been watching the Olympics. I personally think that instead of criticizing the members of the US "nightmare" team that came in third, the media and the fans should kick the asses of the players who did not go- its not like they don't have the money, is it?

I was speaking with my Dad the other day, seems one of my bro's asked him what an "A" joke was. Dad , after a pause, tried to put it in the politically correct terms. And then my brother goes " Oh, like that...hmm...I know one like that, can I tell you?" Life in apna Mumbai...


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