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The Muse

August 06, 2005

Musings of the Muse

Its been more than a year since I started this blog, so I was just thinking about some things...

When I look at some of the blogs out there, a predominant theme involves allowing people a glimpse into the personal lives of individuals. Nothing wrong with that, but as my friends will tell you, I'm very introverted,"shy-type" and hardly talk at all. Living vicariously might be cool for some, but not for me. So, while I started this blog with no clear intentions, I'm pretty clear where I want to go with this - be in touch, and encourage some minimal debate and discussion.

The worst part of being away from friends is that you don't get to talk with them about your opinions. Sometimes a phone call works, but not all the time. Perhaps seeing my blog once a while helps you sort of keep in touch with me? Instead of chain mailing all of you with the usual phrases, like "what's up" and "long time no see", I'm assuming that we are all in touch, and talking about things that I find interesting.

Ideally it would be great if we had other people involved, and if we had more participation in a common forum. But writing is something that takes some effort and dedication, and it might be easier for some to just read, think, maybe smile and close down. Whatever works...See, when I read about something or come across some forwarded email, I tend to immediately think of certain people who I know will enjoy it. If I spent time individually forwarding mails to all those people, then I would not have any time left at all.

But how much better it is to find a forum to talk with everyone at the same time?

I know that almost everyone of you does this, but in different ways. I receive emails from friends who have me on their addressbook, and there is a list of emails that I get everyday. Do I read all of them?... probably not. Do I reply to every mail?... probably not. But I do appreciate the thought behind the emails. That is the way my friends try to keep in touch with me. They see something they enjoy and want to share it, hence the mass forwards.

My way is to choose this website/blog. And by putting it on a blog, I'm leaving it to your discretion - read, when you find time and if you want to. More importantly, this is my way of storing information. My thoughts, opinions and links are all stored and ordered chronologically.

Anyways, keep me informed on your thoughts and opinions - email me: v a d i v e l u @gmail.com, or just sign the guestbook on the blog.

Be good and be safe!



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